When I work I enter into another realm, not by trying, but just by being, through the direct interaction with my primary tools, my colours and my blank canvas. When I am in that subconscious state I form a deep connection to the artwork. It is then, I find, that others will connect to it as well.

My job is to search for this place and to really know when I am there. This demands that I be true to myself, be open minded and search for stimulating connections and contrasts. I store episodes, personalities and thought-provoking interactions in my mind, which I later use to inform the emotional experience of my painting process. I love the fight to achieve my raw self-expression on the canvas, the process of removing the unnecessary, and evaluating every detail of my inner being. Building up and breaking down the diverse elements of my personal experiences, and bringing them together in a new dimension. Perfection in art as in life is boring, and my love of connections and contrasts will always push me further into unknown territory as I search for my inner self-expression. I have always found abstract painting fascinating, as it provides so many unique ways of seeing, so many stories and so many perspectives. The artist is almost forgotten, and that to me is a true meeting. The painting is suddenly connected to a bigger unity, an organic world in a constant change”.

Marit Geraldine Bostad